Online Reading

Lately, I’ve found that I do a lot of reading online. In fact, I get upset if I can’t find an online version of a text when I want to read it. Not just graduate articles for my classes, but I’ve been hunting down online magazines and reading fiction where I can. There are some very cool and some that are not.

One of these that I enjoy is called GUD magazine, Greatest Uncommon Demoninator. (Pronounced “good”) Right now, they have a contest if we talk about a story from the magazine and have a link back to their site, then we might win some free stuff. So, go here.

I got a free download of the story, “The Festival of Colour” by Paul Haines. It was an interesting read that took place in the town of Pushkar, which should tell you something about where it takes place.—I discovered this late, but apparently my internet cut out mid-post on this.  I remember saying a few things about the story specifically, but it’s disappearing now…so, I’ll sum up.  I hate having to write things over.  Grr.

So, the story has profanity, drugs, and alcohol, and I don’t particularly like the narrator, but the story was engaging.  Go to the website and check it out if you are interested.

I do plan to continue a series on online magazines and such.  This seemed like a good opportunity to start it.

I am the language lover and these are my thoughts. 


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