…or whatever

I’ve discovered that I’ve started the habit now, too.  I so often bemoan my students for their inability to commit to an answer.  They like, you know, kinda sorta, hedge their answers whenever describing something so that they are never really wrong.  A more common way to answer a question is to tag on at the end with a “or whatever”.  That way, if their answer isn’t quite right, they can say “Well, I said or whatever, ‘cuz I knew it wasn’t quite right.”

The sad thing is that my constant exposure to this attitude has let it creep into my own vocabulary.  I hadn’t realized that it was happening until I was speaking with my wife and I let it slip.  Since it’s so common, I just didn’t notice it was happening to me.

As with all language changes, I have to ask myself Is this a bad thing, or simply something I have to get used to?  I used to know…not I’m not so sure.

I am the language lover and these are my thoughts. 


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