School Administrators

I’ve been trying to put myself in the shows of the school administrators before I criticize them, especially lately.  Probably because of my Graduate schooling.  Anyway, I am often torn.  Partly because I look at their paychecks and have trouble explaining what they are doing that lets them make at least double, if not triple, my own salary.  Are they really working that much harder?  But then, I think about how hard it is for them to institute new policies.   Teachers, like  many workers, resist change.

This year, for one day of our “back to school” inservice, the administrators decided to pack us all into a bus and take us to a summer camp where we will complete a “High Ropes Course” designed to build teamwork and self-confidence.  I am quite certain that several of my staff are saying, “What does this have to do with teaching?  Can’t we just work in our classrooms?”  Of course, these same teachers are complaining about the quality of guest speakers, and just about anything else that we do together, so it’s not a big surprise.

But that brings me back to what my point really is:  Do school administrators really earn that extra pay?  I think that good ones probably do.  They have a lot more stress to deal with and more responsibility to go with the job.  Obviously, there are some who don’t earn the pay.  I’ve worked for some of those.  But the same goes for teachers.  There are those who arrive just on time and leave right at the bell and do the absolute least amount of work required.  They get the same pay as those of us who work ourselves to the bone.  And while I’d like to be paid more because I’m such a fantastic teacher, I have yet to see a program that actually works to pay good teachers more and poor teachers less.

So, in conclusion, support the good administrators.  They make it easier to do our own jobs better.  Of course, ask me again later in the year and I’ll probably tell you something different.  😀

I am the language lover and these are my thoughts.


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