Unspectacular Meme

I completely missed that I had been tagged by Renaissance Guy a couple of weeks ago, so here goes:

Here are six unspectacular facts about me:

  1. I was born in a small town in Florida.
  2. I teach at the school where my mother graduated.
  3. I love pasta of all kinds.
  4. I am slightly below average in height.
  5. My home has been in North Dakota ever since moving here.
  6. I like dogs, not cats, but have both in my home.

Meme terms & conditions

1. link the person who tagged you
2. mention the rules on your blog
3. list 6 unspectacular things about you
4. tag 6 other bloggers by linking them

I’m not sure I know 6 other bloggers very well, but I’ll tag some anyway.  Like it or not!  Mervi, Adso, Godfather, Jay, Chani, and Scott, you’re it.  Yay, six.


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