More on (or is it Moron?) Twilight

Earlier I posted that I had read the book Twilight and was unsure how I felt about it. The more I think about it, I completely agree with Adso‘s post on this. Unfortunately, I think The Axe is right, also. I’ll explain.

In many ways, the book is psychologically designed to grab the interest of teenage girls, especially those with low self-esteem or little social skills, and make them addicted. Bella is so undefined that any reader who wants to can relate and insert him or herself into the story.  She’s really the only character in the book that has any depth at all, and her depth is that of a wading pool.  She’s smarter than anyone she knows, except the amazing Edward, of course.  Even her own parents are well-meaning fools.  She has no self-confidence, despite the fact that every boy she meets thinks that she is the coolest girl in town.  She’s independent and overly mature so has a low opinion of all other kids her age.  Luckily, her lover is actually a really old pedophile, so that’s ok.  Anyway, this basic character type really appeals to those “needy” girls who would love to live this life.  It’s such a stereotype and poorly defined, though, that I barely call it, or her, a character.

The rest of the characters are one-dimensional shells.  Beyond a basic description, there is no character development at all from beginning to end.  Edward and Bella fall madly in love at their first meeting and that’s where they stay until the end.


Here’s the plot.  Bella moves to a small town.  Meets the hottest boy in school.  They fall in love, and it’s a forbidden love.  Gasp!  They hang out.  By nearly the end of the book, there is a tiny plot event with another vampire deciding that he really wants to have some Bella for dinner and she suicidally gives herself up to him in order to save everyone else–which was ridiculous in so many ways–but they save her.  Then, she goes to prom.  The end.

This is a plot?  It might fly as a short story, but there is so little going on, I can’t believe it has been stretched out to a full length novel.

She has created a cool world.  I freely admit that I like the ideas of the world with the vampires and hints of werewolves (which apparently come out in later novels) and super powers and regular people.  It works in the setting.

Without the plot or a well-defined character to speak of, I just can’t find anything good to say about the novel except that it’s helping to keep young people reading.  So that’s good.  But that’s all I can say that is positive about this book.  I can’t say I hate it, because I don’t feel that strongly about it.  I can say that I will not recommend it.

I am the language lover and these are my thoughts.


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