A student bought a book

Today had a nice start.  A former student of mine walked up to me and said, “Hey Mr.—, do you remember that book you lent me that I didn’t have time to finish before school ended last year?”  Of course, I replied.  “That is my favorite book of all time.  This summer I went out and bought it and it was so good.”  I had a pretty big grin.

It’s hard to think of a better validation for the work I do trying to convince students that reading isn’t bad.  I’ve given students books from my personal library before and they have liked it, but never before has a student BOUGHT a book in order to finish reading it.  This was a student who read one book that she liked and just continued to read that one book again and again and again.  Now…just maybe, she’ll explore other books and other authors.  (The book she liked so much was Unwind by Neal Shusterman. It’s one of my favorite new YA novels, too.)

It’s little things like this that bring me back to this job every day.  It sure doesn’t happen often, but when it does…well, my cup overfloweth.  I’m a proud and happy teacher today.  I wonder if she has any idea how much that meant to me…

I am the language lover and these are my thoughts.


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