Writing Newspaper Columns

An opportunity has arisen for me.  Well, an opportunity of sorts.

My local newspaper is looking for guest columnists.  Whoever gets this gig will be publishing a column per month for a year.  The idea is that local writers will provide some local color and more interesting “regional” info.  Of course, this is also a volunteer thing.

Two questions for me to answer:  Why do I want to do this?  What would be my focus?

The first question is both easy and hard to answer.  I think it will be a great challenge to have to put together something worth writing and worth reading for the general public on a consistent basis.  There’s also the coolness of being published.  Even more selfishly, being a published columnist can’t hurt my chances to get any of my writings published.  It might not really help, but it shouldn’t hurt.

The second question is trickier.  I wear many hats.  Which of these hats would appeal to a broader spectrum of readers and would provide enough fodder for me to keep writing it month after month?  Right now, I’m leaning towards something like “Reflections of a Working Dad.”  I’ll talk about juggling work and dealing with my children and school and how it all comes together.  Of course, I’ll have to try my hand at writing it before I make any decisions.  I have a little bit of time before the application deadline looms.

I am the language lover and these are my thoughts.


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