Kudos to filmmakers

This spring, I thought I would try to make a documentary.  After two months, I finished with a not very good 20 minute video.  There are moments that are ok.  I think if I had trimmed it down to about 12 minutes, it would have been an ok video.  I simply cannot believe how much harder it is to make a video like this than I thought it would be.  Wow.

In my defense, I began this project with a dozen young helpers and that number dwindled to one until I found another student.  The three of us did the bulk of the work.  Had I known that was going to happen, I probably would not have started on the project.

I’m glad I did, though.  I learned a lot.  Should I ever tackle anything like this again, I will be more prepared.  I hope so, anyway.  Also, it was a lot of fun when a particular section came together.  The crew and I had a good time, but it was also a lot of time that really drained me.

Again, I tip my hat to the moviemakers out there.  I had no idea the time you spend.

I am the language lover and these are my thoughts.


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