Self Reliance

I often joke that one reason I became a teacher is that I don’t have to rely on any other adults.  Once I close the door to my classroom, I’m king of the kingdom and I have no one to count on but myself.  Other jobs make you be a “team player” and you have to pick up the slack if one member of the team doesn’t come through.  Or you have to wait while someone else finishes a job before you can do your job.  Other than waiting in line at the copying machine, I don’t have to do that most of the time.  There are some exceptions, of course, but mostly I only have myself to blame if something goes wrong.  I don’t have to count on other people.

It’s when I work other jobs that I discover how much I dislike having to count on other people.  Rarely do I find that other people have the same motivations as I do.  I delegate and check on the progress of others, but sometimes the number of things that didn’t go according to plan add up and really freak me out.  Part of me would really like to do it all myself.  Then, I would know if something got done or didn’t get done.  Of course, that would make a lot more work for me, but is it worth it to work hard, but know–really know–if things are happening according to plan?

As a play director, I have an assistant director, a stage manager, not to mention set construction heads, lighting and sound operators, box office people, choreographers, etc… that are in charge of several aspects of putting on a play.  If each of those people takes responsibility for their job, than I can focus on my primary responsibility, but in the end, I’m responsible for it all.  If that stage manager doesn’t take care of props, then the rehearsal doesn’t work out.  If I double check every thing she is supposed to do, though, I’m not sure that I”m really saving any time by having her do it if I have to double check it all.

Ugh.  It’s hard depending on people.  Especially when they don’t come through.

I am the language lover and these are my thoughts.


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