More Summer School Woes

So, the class I’m teaching in summer school is an English elective in which we put on a play.  All of the students build the set, find and create costumes, assemble props, and memorize lines and work on acting skills with a final performance at the end of the class.  It’s kind of a fun class, sometimes, but it’s a challenge because summer school attendence is pretty bad.  Despite the fact that students can only miss about a day and a half of class before they are dropped, many students still manage to try and take as much absence as they can.

One student in particular has come late every single day this week.  Sometimes only fifteen minutes late, or up to an hour late.  In an ordinary class, this is an annoyance.  In a class where we are trying to practice for the play, it’s difficult to practice if there are missing people in the production.  It’s hard on everyone.  So, after working on various things for two hours, I finally decided today was a movie day.  We put in a dvd and starting watching Noises Off, which was appropriate for the class I believe (I have the tv edited one without Michael Caine’s two F words) and fifteen minutes in, the missing student arrived.  Awesome.

Only one more week left.  One way or another, we’ll be done.

I am the language lover and these are my thoughts.


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