The magic of theatre

After all of our trials and tribulations, we had our class performance today.  Based on audience reactions, it went well.  It’s always amazing that despite a lack of effort and inability to memorize lines and no committal from the actors right up until the moment and audience walks in.

Then, magic happens.

Even the most uncaring student is suddenly focused on the job at hand.  Energy levels jump up.  Scripts are studied with intensity.  And they feed off the energy of the audience.  Anyone watching the performance yesterday and comparing it to today’s would almost think I had hired look-a-likes to fill the roles.  It was that much improvement.  The audience laughed and really enjoyed the performance.

Not to say it was great.

If we had a regular run of performances, though, we could take this and build from here.  They’d finally found focus and would be able to move forward.  Unfortunately, this was it.  One show.  One shot.  One grade.

I’ll still chalk it up under the Wins column, but I won’t look back on it fondly.  It was tiring and frustrating, but the old theatre magic made it finish well enough, though.  If it wasn’t for magic, who knows what would have happened.

I am the language lover and these are my thoughts.


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