Regular Schedule of Activities

As always, I think about trying to make a more formal schedule when I’m putting together my class lessons.  Right now, I have the following idea:  Each day of the week, there would be a 10-minute activity to start the class.  No matter what material was being covered, this would be the plan for the day:

Monday–Root Word activities.  Something to do with Roots, prefixes, suffixes, etc…  We got a cool lesson with our new texts that is quite large and could last all year.  Would it build?  I think it might, if I stayed consistent in doing it every week.

Tuesday/Thursday–Journal Writing.  I always struggle to decide how much journal writing to do.  Inevitably, I do a lot in the first semester and scale back in the second semester.  If I only did it twice a week, perhaps I could keep it going year round.

Wednesday–Reading Break.  This is already built into our school schedule.  Not all teachers follow it, but I try to.  Since I’m an English teacher and all… (Such a funny phrasing.  I wonder how that came about.  And all.)

Friday–logic puzzles.  Sure, it’s not an English specific activity, but I think working on critical thinking and problem solving and logic is a good activity for students in all disciplines.

The two questions are these:  Could I stick to the schedule all year long?  Would the repetition become boring for the students?

I’m not sure, but I’m thinking of giving it a try.

I am the language lover and these are my thoughts.


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