Neighbor Etiquette

I’ve often written about the problems of my neighbors.  I don’t live in a great neighborhood, because most of the homes near me are filled with renters.  Renters don’t care about their neighborhood as much as owners do, in my opinion.

I always wonder where the line is for when I should speak up.  One house near me is filled with four young men who enjoy partying.  They are actually quite polite most times, but they invite many friends over.  These friends enjoy loud music, loud voices, and loud profanity.  Several times per week, I have to sit in my living room and listen to them shout and whoot and thump their music until I decide they’ve gotten too loud and then I get to be the “old man” next door who cries out “You kids settle down.”

I’m not sure how much it would bother me if I didn’t have kids and their rooms didn’t face these neighbors.  I’m extremely upset if someone wakes up my children in the middle of the night because they think shouting outside is fine.

But what’s the point of complaint?  Am I right to talk to them directly, or do I go to the cops?  Occasionally, when it’s gotten out of hand, I’ve threatened calling the cops.  With previous neighbors, who were not as polite, I’ve resorted to that. Which temporarily helps, but they mostly just get a warning, so by the next party they’ve forgotten.

The thing is, they don’t complain when I complain.  They’re respectful and they do turn it down, mostly.  I just hate having to complain.  I don’t like being that guy.  I wish I didn’t have to.  But, it’s that or have my kids up at 2 am.  Ugh.  I wonder if I’ll have to go yell tonight.

I am the language lover and these are my thoughts.


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