My hopes for today’s inservice

Today is a holiday, so rather than having classes, we are having an inservice.

Recently, I visited with administration and tried to share some constructive criticism with the ways that inservices have been done in the past and ways they could be more beneficial and helpful in the future.  After that, my principal asked me for a list of possible activities for an inservice day.  I obliged him with a page full of possibilities.

Of course, I was ignored.  Instead, we are doing a “team-building exercise” in the morning, and having department “show and share” meetings in the afternoon.  Whoo.  I’m excited.  It’s too bad I couldn’t schedule a root canal today.

So, my hopes for today’s inservice are these

  1. I hope I learn one thing
  2. I hope I don’t partake of the usual complaining.
  3. I hope I don’t fight with someone.
  4. I hope I end the day in a good mood.
  5. I hope I have some time to work on lesson plans.

That’s it.  That’s really as high as my hopes can get with the way our teacher inservices generally go.  It should be better.  These days should do more.  Unfortunately, that will only happen if an administrator has the courage to change things.  That doesn’t usually happen up at the top.

I am the language lover and these are my thoughts.


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