Who is the LanguageLover?

I am a high school English teacher and am also a writer. I have never been published, though I strive for publication on a regular basis. I am a parent and a spouse. I have a BS, a BA, and have completed my MA in Education with emphasis on English. This blog will reflect my personal views on language. Whatever I choose that to mean.

I want to add that I am also new to this blogging business. I have a lot to share regarding language in all its forms, but I may stumble a bit here as I work to express myself clearly in this new medium. New to me, that is. It’s clearly not that new.

Any comments, suggestions, and criticisms are encouraged.


1 Comment

  1. canadada said,

    September 30, 2007 at 2:58 pm

    welcome, me too, just starting out. that ATV guy sounds like a real yahoo….the only thing that works with someone like that is to somehow ‘shame’ him into a form of ‘self-discovery’…ie. write a complimentary ‘sign’ and post beside his…not to bait, but rather to ‘balance’…if a local debate gets underway, he will take it down through ‘shame’…he is just a yahoo and should not be ‘allowed’ to ride rough-shot over the rest of the law-abiding and thought-filled community….good luck, cheers, canadada

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